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Green Aura Recycling sees its future generation living in a clean and resourceful planet. At GAR, the responsibility of mother earth is taken as a progression to consider necessarily. Not only with the motive of respecting the legislation's rules and regulation, however, also have to manage a nation of flora.

We at Green Aura Recycling takes initiatives towards the betterment of e-waste management and imparting nation a sustainable future. Therefore, GAR claims to convert e-waste into resources which can be consumed by the future generation without any fear of scarcity. How GAR shells out to the introduction of the sustainable globe?

Reduction of Waste

Green Aura Recycling looks forward to achieving advancement in the technologies which are actually used throughout the progression of waste. Via advancement and RoHS (Reduction of hazardous substances), waste will lessen and consequently, a future generation will be left with full hands.

More of recycling and reusing

We at GAR ensures that whatever Electrical and Electronic equipment we carry and recyclable and reusable in some way to boost the productivity of a nation.

Bunch of disposition options' is an initiative

Disposition has become an un-ignorable factor for any small or large-scale company or organization throughout the country and therefore, we initiate to impart the clients with the bunch of disposition options which turn out to be comparably safer.

Developmental minds

At Green Aura Recycling, we contain developmental minds who are given the responsibility to introduce new sources of renewable energy.

GAR is looking forward to improving the sustainability in e-waste management industry where patience and developing minds are the critical factors. Apart from the above subjects, Green Aura Recycling appreciates working with the clients having the same mindset concerning the introduction of the sustainable world. No matter where GAR goes, it takes the motive of sustainability everywhere!

Feel free to link with us for initiating in our sustainability Take back program.

IT Assets and Electronic Goods are bought with no thought of announcing them useless sometime in future. Their value as “zero=waste” is not acceptable.

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