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Recycling is probably the best way to deal with the Obsolete IT hardware that has become invalid or even to operate or contribute to boosting the productivity of any company as a fixed input. Indeed, only 'recycling' would be wrong to describe as a way of dealing with the Electronic and Electrical waste of a company; however, 'environment, health and safety' is what nature demands as nature commands to feel protected, unharmed, and unpolluted anyway. And so, Green Aura Recycling is a nature's server. A complete nature-secured and e-waste management solution comes with our name.

With the proper analyzation of scenarios and apt use of technology, GAR's experts impart its customers with the electronic recycling solutions that result in the generation of 'maximum output' within the 'minimum recycling cost plans.' GAR's e-waste recycling and processing move with the convenience and security of both the customers and the surrounding respectively.Irrespective of the fact "how old is your Gadget?" GAR runs on the policy of—E-WASTE RECYCLING AND PROCESSING TO CREATE THE BEST OUT OF ANY EQUIPMENT.

To GAR every IT equipment user is equal being it an individual or national business, local business, government organization or non-government. We take into consideration the projects of all kind.

At Green Aura Recycling, we believe in—creating a worth to use IT Equipment out of e-waste. Our major priority stands—successful e-waste recycling and processing within the budget boundaries of our customer regardless of company's monetary expectations of revenue. Yes! We generate revenue as customer's revenue.

Here's a Glimpse of what Electronic and Electrical waste we recycle—

  • Computers recycling, Laptops, mobile recycling, and Servers
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Display Units
  • Batteries
  • Hard drives
  • PCB Recycling
  • IT Inputs

Secured and Certified E-waste Recycling and Processing:

Experts at GAR accomplishing the excessive level of certification in the concerning industry; GAR since ever established has imparted hundreds of its customers with far better services roping in completeprecious metal recovery,data security and On-site Data Destruction facilities. GAR invests its time and efforts in—Generating revenue for the customer and a secondary usableElectronic and Electrical device for coming equipment users.

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