Green Aura Recycling has been assisting hundreds of IT, Telecom & Electronic device consumers and manufacturers in maintaining their Electrical and Electronic waste within the boundaries of environment, health and safety since ever established. Missions and Visions of the company are true blues to environment and customer at the same time. Green Aura Recycling's heads have always appreciated the passion and devotion to its team towards the goals of all kind either personal, company's or customers.

The growth of Recycling industry in the nation is invincible and therefore, creating jobs throughout the country. Green Aura Recycling looks for employees who centralize the company's mission as one of his/her owns and help the industry to grow.

Our Values—

Company Culture

We at GAR expect our employees to seek customer satisfaction as first of primacies and grow professionally with us as we appreciate and incline our employees for professional development via different theories. At GAR, you'll be willing to find yourself served with driven compensations, advanced opportunities and the combination of both friendly and professional working environment.

At GAR, employees are imparted with numerous of opportunities to grow into. As it takes into consideration—promotions, training, and organization of distinctive development programs. If you're seeking a working place where you feel confident to grow and learn—join us!

Equal Employment Opportunity

To us, each employee or applicant stands similar place as a qualified and eligible person who is willing to become a critical part of our company staffs. On the cost of any discrimination factor, we don't judge the person's ability to employment and advancement opportunities. Moreover, this policy doesn't only apply to our employees but also our other clutches roping in business partners, customers, and applicants.

Diversity is our Worth

To us, diversity is a word of both 'differences' and 'acceptance of such differences.' Green Aura Recycling's professionals believe in respecting the difference between employees, customers, and partners on the basis of understanding, beliefs, viewpoints, and academic backgrounds. Furthermore, accepting these difference and value diversity via maintaining a professional working environment.

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