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Extended Producer's Responsibility shortly termed as "EPR" refers to the passage of responsibility of channelizing of e-waste in the context of Electrical and Electronic IT Equipment to the producer of equipment once the consumer handover the obsolete IT Equipment to the company. Under EPR Rule 2011, IT Equipment producers are responsible for any further dismantling or recycling of entirely depreciated Electronic and Electrical waste.

Rule 2016, Extended Producer's Responsibility, EPR bides Green Aura Recycling with respect to spread awareness regarding the importance of recycling of depreciated IT Equipment using environment-friendly methods, management of E-waste, and take back system that runs inside the industries which can benefit them consumers to get rid of the Obsolete Equipment.

What GAR does?
  • Help OEMs and Producers to channelize obsolete White Goods and other e-waste items and collection of the same from end user.
  • To establish Dedicated call centers and help line numbers for respective OEMs
  • Implementation of social media campaigns, digital marketing and commercial events spreading awareness about EPR all over India.
  • Acknowledging traders on the subject of professional recycling under EPR Rule and its financial and non-financial perks.
  • Initiating education events to fade the practice of illegal recycling system in India.

What encourages GAR's experts towards the undertaking of EPR Support is—EPR's contribution of innovation in Recycling industry concerning technology. EPR has helped the nation's electronic and electrical waste to dispose of with considering more of safety measure towards the communities and its people. Green Aura Recycling supports EPR as 'the program' has availed in development of a complete E-waste infrastructure and has imparted grounds to the companies and manufacturers to think over the 'need of E-waste Recycling and processing.

The mission behind the success of 'upholding EPR' is only to see the nation accomplishing a highly developed E-waste management infrastructure in the country which no one will be willing to question!

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