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Recovery of Electronic and Electrical waste isn't a quick single-handed labor to progress. It has to be taken to an end via a step-by-step set of procedures and sometimes "reverse logistics" stays one of the major procedures while the recovery of these IT Assets. In past few years, Green Aura Recycling has faced the challenge of reverse supply chain management and return management with complete optimization and conviction. Indeed, Reverse Logistics solution is an essential procedure that is required to be done by nationally leading e-waste recycling companies similar to GAR for distribution and pick up of 'to be recycled' and 'to be recovered' IT End-of-Life Equipment.

GAR doesn't run on the policy of assets limitation and therefore, irrespective of number and size of E-waste that client is providing; GAR promises to take it away and distribution with efficient reverse logistics support. The major motive of GAR's experts in imparting Reverse Logistics services to a client is—Taking the burden of logistics and stress it brings, off the shoulder of our client. Since to GAR monetary aspect remains a second priority and thus, we charge our client very reasonably for imparting Reverse Logistics services.

GAR contains a comprehensive returns management system roping in shipping, reporting, analyzing, refurbishment, stock and fulfillment solutions for achieving the highest level of customer's satisfaction and smooth working of the system. GAR's Reverse logistics solution keeps the customers away from all the chaos that backpacking of Electronic and Electrical waste brings.

Why choose GAR's Reverse Logistics services?
  • Acquiring GAR's Reverse Logistics services; the client can put entire concentration over core business and leave the rest at GAR's professional's hands
  • Years of experience in the recycling industry set GAR's perfection of gaining accomplishment over any Environment friendly e waste recyclingproject.
  • GAR's Dismantling of e waste services are quality-driven as a complete process concerning per project goes smoothly and efficiently.
  • The probability of the value of recovery at GAR has increased manyfolds since ever established.
  • GAR stays flexible in monetary terms in order to correspond the budget and timeline of its client and their expectation on 'revenue generation from the recycled WEEE (WASTE ELECTRONIC AND ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT).'

"Green Aura Recycling—the trustworthy name that takes care of your E-waste throughout the ITAD (information technology asset disposal)journey."

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