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At Green Aura Recycling; E-waste Management is long-term and consists of a complete procedure to follow. IT Asset Management is considered as a major service imparted by GAR professionals promising a maximum return on IT End-of-life Assets which are retired or to be retired. Where there is service; an all rounding and fulfilling method becomes compulsory from the company's end and therefore, Green Aura Recycling's service of ITAM(information technology asset management) comes with the following—


Movement of IT Assets while the disposition takes place and afterward is a must service. Neither the Government approved e waste recyclernor the customer can deny such transfer of IT Assets from one place to another. To resolve the transportation chaos for customers; GAR has taken "safe packaging and transportation" inside the boundaries of the nation under its control. With GAR, customers aren't required to put extra efforts and expenditures on this part.


Remarketing is a method of improving the value recovery of IT Asset in the industry or market. For such worth process, GAR considers taking IT Assets remarketing under IT Asset Management service and eliminates the risk of a customer getting less of what Recycled E-waste is valuing. GAR's experts ensure maximum return on IT Assets while remarketing via wholesale and retail roping in Refurbishment of assets.


Our customer's brands and data destruction are as important to us as our own. Hence, GAR provides a secured Onsite Data destruction services which ropes in validate data destructing, on-site hard drive shredding and online portal for the purpose of tracking data held by all the devices. Data sanitization experts at GAR imparts guarantee of security and customers are allowed to witness the activity.


IT Asset reporting is one of the most efficient and optimized technique in the e-waste recycling industry concerning the comfort of the customer. Through this, GAR has accomplished the highest level of customer satisfaction as it imparts the customer an online portal via which customer can effortlessly seek to track items for transit, report, recycle and destruction for what value!

IT Asset Management contains a rigid plan which takes into consideration secured disposition services of WEEE (WASTE ELECTRONIC AND ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT) with totalcompliances as notified by MoEF, CPCB & SPCBfrom time to time.

"Green Aura Recycling takes pride in its smooth and convenient IT Asset Management services. A hub to manage."

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