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    We can solve your corporate IT disposition needs quickly and professionally.
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    We can solve your corporate IT disposition needs quickly and professionally.
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    We can solve your corporate IT disposition needs quickly and professionally.
    Save Your community, Save Your planet


Welcome to GreenAura Recycling

More About Us

Evolution of Green Aura Recycling from a collection center to a Nation’s leading IT disposal and recycling company worth ten times faster development in comparison to any disposition companies around the country. Disposition is non-ignorable when IT Equipment is no more valid for depreciation; and consequently, GAR has been concentrating on the idea of 'generating utility revenue' from such unavailing IT assets since ever established.

In the history of GAR's success, it has taken hundreds of its client's expectations to the stage of invincible outcomes from zero-valued Electrical and Electronic industry wastes. Since GAR doesn't run on the scheme of acquiring from the clients but rather GIVING.

Disposition isn't a one-day piece of labor. Indeed, it ropes in distinctive progresses—technology deployment, recovery, remarketing andrecycling. These four demands to be done efficiently and orderly so as to impart a handful of proceeds to the client. GAR squad of professionals ensure data sanitization and compliance. With the services of GAR; clients don't need to brainstorm over the subject of liabilities and risk inherent in an IT Equipment—as experts are there to handle it skillfully.

Here's a Glimpse of What we do...

Recycle—parallel to efficient Recovery

At GAR; we take into consideration to recycle all assortments of waste IT Equipements comprising in both electrical waste recycling and Electronics waste recycling. For us, recycling isn't a word of only recovering but EFFICIENT RECOVERY. Where you may have been seeing your retired IT Asset as NIL; we see it something worth fixing and recoverable. In the direction of recovery, Green Aura Recycling claims to impart the spare parts of IT Equipment at the request or as an unavoidable demand of recycling.

Secure and Onsite Data Destruction

At GAR; we understand our client's need for satisfaction on the subject of 'Data sanitization' and hence, we claim to offer a secure and onsite Data Destruction facility. Such service eliminates the risk of client's data to fly from safe platform to an unsafe platform. Without a doubt, customers are free to witness the data and hard drives to get destructed under their supervision. If no, we are trustworthy enough!

We process it all...

Transportation—Identification—testing—repairs—data destruction—value recovery of IT Electrical and Electronic waste. We process all the given functions so as to impart our customer one-stop comfort. "Feel your equipment safe in GAR's hands."

Our Mission

About us

Green Aura Recycling concentrates on the deduction of IT Equipment that one company has not been using for long and making them valuable to the company through recycling. This is not a one-sided vision; the other side is to deduct the risk ofGovernmentcompliances, data security, and invincible environmental effects

At Green Aura Recycling; IT Assets and equipment are never put at the value of "Zero," on the scale. Indeed, its mission stands—PRODUCE SOMETHING REUSABLE OUT OF NOTHING and thus, Green Aura Recycling disposition professionals not only concentrate over the part where the asset is disposed but also, where it can be Reused. You may have heard the quote "only useless things are indispensable." In case of IT Assets; the quote demonstrates perfection as—to Green Aura Recycling end-of-life Electrical and Electronic assets which are completely useless are critical and makes the difference in revenues for the customer.
At GAR, customer satisfaction stands one of the major priority. Since, customer satisfaction relies on the generation of maximum revenue out of the e-waste recycled; therefore, GAR imparts its customers with maximum possible revenue from the recycled IT Assets. For customer's convenience, GAR takes into consideration making available additional services comprising in national-wide pickup services, piling up and tracking assets, data sanitization & destruction,logistics management, PCB Recycling and e-waste disposition. Apart from all these factors, customers are offered with cost-effective solutions which don't only match their budget and timeline but also helps in generation of revenue while recycling.

IT Assets and Electronic Goods are bought with no thought of announcing them useless sometime in future. Their value as “zero=waste” is not acceptable.

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